Serin,Isla's middle name...

Serin,Isla's middle name...

Thursday, 16 December 2010


Upto now i have been bemoaning the fact that Birds are simply not turning up on my feeders,well until today that is.Don't get me wrong,i see plenty from my window,given the proximity to the Farmland across the road and also the fact i am opposite the northern end of the Ingrebourne Valley (my local patch which i have neglected this year,due to the nipper taking up alot of my time),but the garden seems to lack birds most of the time.
Today is different,i have cleaned my feeders and re stocked them with sunflower seeds,fat balls,peanuts & suet cake and it seems to have paid off for now,although i wish cyril the squirrel would do one,is it illegal to catapult a grey squirrel to death,especially as they have killed off all the Red squirrels in England apart from a few isolated places(only joking if any animal rights nutters are looking in).Today i have had 8 blue tits,which beats my previous garden record of 2,2 Great tits,2 blackbirds,the usual trustworthy 2 dunnocks,a lovely collared dove,magpie,3 wood pigeons,1 robin and the bird of the day a great spotted woodpecker i have nicknamed tuohy after the hornchurch number 9 who is a poacher of the highest order.
The woodpecker is still in view as it is bombing around the trees in the optomist car park,other birds of note this morning,outside my garden,but in view have been 2 redwing,1 fieldfare,3 snipe from the valley and a Kestrel,i may have a small garden but i do get to see some decent birds from the living room window,Although it would be nice to see a finch or two on the Feeders.

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