Serin,Isla's middle name...

Serin,Isla's middle name...

Monday, 27 December 2010

Yet Again,No Football

Ventured over to the Stadium this morning to see what the pitch was like,on arrival it was obvious there wouldn't be a game today which was a shame as it would of been a bumper crowd for the visit of local rivals Aveley,what with the other games in our league locally being postponed.
We cleared the pathways anyway but the pitch was rock hard and would of been a serious injury risk to the players.It is now nearly 6 weeks since our last home game and we have now only had 1 game in 5 weeks,i seriously need a football fix although i will be going down the pub later to hopefully watch Arsenal smash the Chavs all around the Emirates tonight.I am sure my little princess wants the gunners to win as well,seeing as she is all dressed for the occasion

Yesterday we popped down to Brighton to see my sister,nephew and brother in law.Nick as usually put a top class spread on and although i took my bins & scope down there on the off chance of getting some sea watching in and to see the Starling Roost on the old pier,i didn't get a chance.
On the way down there we stopped in the services for half an hour where i had a lovely buzzard overhead and a coal tit in the service car park.Coming into brighton on the A23 3 buzzard were circling overhead and a flock of around 100 fieldfare was a nice surprise over the junction of A23 /A27.We were quite fortunate to actually get there as i keep having problems with a breather pipe on my car and although it was fixed 2 months ago it keeps splitting,so although i lost power a couple of times on the M23,i patched it up and we made it down there,after some repairs in Brighton i managed to get back ok.
This afternoon me and Isla are off out for the Afternoon as we are leaving mummy to clear up all Islas mess from the presents,not sure where we are going,we may go and see Granny,who bought her the Arsenal Shirt and we may pop over to Belhus to watch the Marsh tit(s).
Today on the Feeders we have had

That bastard Squirrel
4 blue tits
6 great tits
8 blackbirds
collared dove
3 redwing
38 fieldfare over the house
No Waxwings,they have obviously found another apple tree to eat from so sod them!!!

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