Serin,Isla's middle name...

Serin,Isla's middle name...

Wednesday, 15 December 2010


Sorry for the delay of over two months since i last posted anything,our pc has been buggered and i really can't be arsed to update a blog via my ultra slow i phone.
Anyway,since my last entry i haven't done too much birding,apart from an hour here or there locally and a trip down to devon with the family to watch the Hornchurch,where i got to do a bit of seawatching on the atlantic coast and also at northam burrows,near Bideford.Not too much of note to be honest but it was a nice weekend away and Isla enjoyed her first Hornchurch Away game,so did i,we won 3-0 in the FA Trophy at Bideford.
Onto Hornchurch,on my last visit here we got stuffed 7-1 over 2 months ago by Tonbridge Angels,i remember people laughing at me when i said we actually played well that day,well since that day we have been unbeaten in the league and our only loss came last saturday in the FA trophy away to Ashford Town of middx,we smashed them and lost 1-0 to a last minute goal.We are now 5th in the League and are away to league leaders Sutton United,to which i will once again be leading the singing at Gander Green Lane,where i hope we can nick all 3 points as they are currently 8 points ahead of us.
Back to birds and updating this blog,which i hope to do at least a couple of times a week,today i saw a Grey Phalarope,which is a life bird for me,a life bird for those not in the know is a bird you have never seen before,it is also a year bird (a bird i havent seen this year).Also seen today was 12 eider ducks on the thames at the grays waterfront,next to the Wharf pub,the Eiders were another year tick for me,bringing my total up to 205 for the year,not too bad considering i havent been out too much at all,next year will be more,i hope.
Other birds seen at grays were 4 turnstones,redshank,dunlin,Black tailed godwits,cormorants,mallards,wigeon,teal and a waxwing(heard only)
May pop back there tomorrow or try somewhere different



  1. Upminster Birder-

    There is not a large selection of birds here in northern Virginia but you should really visit sometime - if only to see the cardinal, our state bird, in its natural habitat. Good luck with the rest of the season, I will be looking on with anxiety.

    -Dixie Urchin

  2. will do one day,once i have got over my fear of flying,how are you mate??