Serin,Isla's middle name...

Serin,Isla's middle name...

Saturday, 18 December 2010

From my living room window

Hasn't been completely wasted today,have seen a fair bit from my living room window including two small crashes from dopey drivers (both women i must add) who simply don't know how to drive in the snow,at present we have a lady half way up the hill,stopping drivers to talk to them and they are then getting stuck as they can't get any grip to go back up the hill,i despair at some people.It has actually stopped snowing now and i am debating whether to go across the road for an hour or so,may just wait to watch the end of the Sunderland v Bolton match as its supposed to snow heavy again soon.
From my window,apart from the crashes,i have seen 4 blue tits,3 great tits,2 dunnock,2 robin,2 blackbirds kicking off in my garden,37 black headed gull,1 common gull over the valley,2 snipe over my house and a redwing.No waxwings yet,but still hoping i may bump into some soon.
Had this video sent to a birding group i am a member of,hope they don't mind if i put it on here....

By coincidence i have just eaten 2 Findus pancakes and i now really feel sorry for the Fox as they were bloody horrible

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