Serin,Isla's middle name...

Serin,Isla's middle name...

Friday, 24 December 2010

My Waxwing Paradise

The day started very early indeed as i had to go to buy some meat from smithfields meat market(always best to go to the best),so i got up at 5am and trundled off up there,got back around 7.30am and climbed back into bed for a while but the daughter made sure i couldn't get any sleep as she was constantly using me as a punchbag.I had promised myself NO BIRDING today as i was going to be busy,what with having to go to church this evening with the girlfriends family.Anyway,about 11.45am i was getting twitchy feet thinking about popping over the valley for an hour or so but decided to head for the kitchen,which proved to be the right decision.While checking the oven i noticed 2 redwing on the garage roof,i took my bins into Alice to show her but she didn't seem too bothered,back off to the kitchen i headed.Looking up in the apple tree i saw what i first thought were redwings but once i got my bins on them i realised they were in fact Waxwing,there were 6,suddenly Alice was interested!!!


I put the message out on various e mail groups and rang a couple of locals up including Stephen Staples,who will be providing me with Photographs of these wonderful birds.
Within an hour or so over 20 people had viewed the birds,albeit only 4 as 2 had disappeared and more people have been coming to look for them all afternoon,although i haven't seen them for a good half hour now,just a solitary Redwing feeding on the same Apples.I feel happy that so many people seemed happy to see the birds and rather selfishly i hope they stick around for a few more days.i shall never look at that Apple tree as useless for birds anymore.At one point they were actually on my roof,not so much a garden tick but a house tick........My Waxwing Paradise indeed.

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