Serin,Isla's middle name...

Serin,Isla's middle name...

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Merry Christmas

Morning everyone,firstly i would like to wish all my friends & family a happy christmas and to everyone who follows my blog,merry christmas to you too.If any of you are travelling to see relatives today,drive safely.
I was awoken by my girlfriend Alice at 7.30 this morning who was more excited than little Isla,which isn't really surprising as the nipper is only 9 months old and was more excited about eating the wrapping paper off the presents.As soon as i know how to do it,i will post a video of Isla opening her presents,i must warn you though that i sound like a bit of a plonker in the video and i am seen turning round every few seconds to see if the Waxwings have arrived on the Apple Tree yet??
As for the Waxwings,they arrived just after 8 and although they are not currently in the Apple Tree they have been on and off since i got up,all four of them.
This morning,we have also had 3 Redwing,5 Chaffinch,2 Fieldfare,6 blue tit,3 great tit,12 blackbirds
2 Collared dove,4 wood pigeon,2 magpies,1 wren,2 dunnock,1 house sparrow a great spotted Woodpecker,robin and a carrion crow.
We are off to Alices aunts for lunch,then i am coming home to pick my mum and dad up around 3.30pm to take them for their christmas lunch at the Berwick,which is costing them £90per person.e have more money than sense,not my dad,he just doesn't have any sense lol.I may have a sneaky half hour or so over berwick ponds but don't tell the missus.
The nipper is currently opening yet more presents,many of them noisy ones that will no doubt cause me yet more headaches like the one i am currently suffering with,which is annoying as i didn't even drink last night!!!

My little Princess banging one of her new toys

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