Serin,Isla's middle name...

Serin,Isla's middle name...

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Becoming a bit of a twitcher!!

Today saw me Dirty Twitching again,not too far to go for this one,about 40 miles up the A12 and i was sort of going near there anyhow.
Today i got the Desert Wheatear,Essex's star attraction,bigger than the Essex derby on Tuesday night between AFC Hornchurch and Chelmsford,the score i can't be bothered to mention.
I arrived at 9am,just in time for the gates to open,me to park my car and to be the first dirty twitcher to see the Desert Wheatear today!!! Stunning bird which gave incredibily close views,i could of got closer than the 8 feet or so that it decided  to approach me to but i didn't really feel the need to with a 500mm lense.
After spending an hour or so watching it,i packed my things away in the car,when a Yellow Wagtail flew over,complete with the call,it was a very pale bird,probably a 1st winter but called right.
I decided then to nip into the centre,where i actually joined the Essex Wildlife trust again,i had a quick walk round,a quick scan for the recent Black Necked grebe but to no avail,although i did have a couple of Goldeneye.
I made my way over to layer causeway,the other side of abberton where i knew Lee "lees local birding " Brown was,straight away i had Fem Red Crested Pochard and then out the corner of my eye a Bittern flew from the reedbed on the Right to the Reedbed straight out in the middle (anyone who knows the causeway will know where i mean,not the reedbed immediately to the right)
Lee went to see the wheatear but i stayed where i was and had 3 Marsh harriers,Buzzard a flock of around 18 Long Tailed Tits,single goldeneye out the back,Kestrel,Egyptian geese,a Few Pintail to go with the other ducks on the water,2 Snipe and 4 Ruff.
A great day,not happy with some of the photos,but the wheatear ones will do for now.Had to dissapear about 1pm to take my gooner mates to Heathrow,fancy a bit more birding tomorrow between jobs,may even do a twitch if its close by,Dirty Twitcher!!!!!

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