Serin,Isla's middle name...

Serin,Isla's middle name...

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Operation Barn Owl failed

After my dissapointment of a foggy start and England being crap at Cricket and Football,i made my way round to Heathrow to drop some young ladies off who were going to Vegas for a week or so,I also had a pick up a few hours later from Terminal 3,so i decided to hang around and do a bit of birding.It was still quite misty but they didn't seem to have the thick fog that we had to the East of London.I looked at a site i have been past on the M40 before with a river and a Canal (Grand Union Canal) running through it,it looks like a good site and i rolled up around 11.45am,hoping to have about 3 hours before Mr Dicker arrived into Terminal 3 from Dubai,sadly this was cut short by him arriving an hour or so early but i still managed an hour or so on the site.I didn't have my camera with me but it was nice to have 100% concentration on the birds,except for when my phone was going off but i managed 3 Buzzards,Red Kite,Kestrel,a Kingfisher on the River,moorhen,i think i heard water rail when looking at the Kingfisher but couldnt see it.I saw a few finch flocks which included Greenfinch,Siskin and Chaffinch as well as at least 1 Redpoll.I had the occasional redwing and 2 Green Woodpeckers plus at least 3 Jays.I went over to Heathrow around 1.15 as the flight was coming in early,i arrived back in Havering around 3pm and once i had picked the camera up,i arrived over Thames Chase just before 3.30pm to find that our new feeding stations had been set up.When i say feeding stations,what we have done is sourced parts of trees from the Woodland,stuck them in the ground and we will hang feeders off of them,just outside the centre so the public can watch the birds and hopefully start watching them more away from the centre.We are also asking for donations of Bird food or Feeders from the public to make the cost better for the centre.So far,since the feeders went up temporarily last Sunday we have had a Redwing,Goldfinches,Greenfinches,Great tit,Dunnock,Robin,Magpie,jay and Blue tits,although this is only when i have been watching so we probably have had more,but i hope to have a decent "feeder" List once we stock it up fully and it gets underway.
Anyway i went to look for the Owl but by now it was around 4pm and quite dark but i took my camera anyway,not sure why as the Owl when seen comes out when its really too dark to take photos but i took it just in case my little Barn Owl friend came out early.It was quite misty,see below
The Owl seems to love this side although it has been seen in all parts of the site and over the adjacent Golf course quite frequently,so it is easy to miss him.
I took photos of a Green Woodpecker in a tree but it was poor but i decided to play "sillhouette photography" badly and took the following photos of birds in the diminishing light,just to see how bad they came out,the results are spectacularly bad but it was fun messing about with it while waiting for the Owl,sadly the Owl didn't come and i called it a day about 5.10pm as it was pitch black.Have just ordered a Curry from the Pink Garlic as the nipper decides she wants curry for dinner tonight,demanding 2 year old that was obviously put upto it by her mother!!!
After dinner am going to go down Pike Lane near the centre,with my torch to look around the trees and fields to hopefully find some Owls and depending on how early a night i get and how foggy it is in the morning,up early to look for more Owls before first light......

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