Serin,Isla's middle name...

Serin,Isla's middle name...

Saturday, 17 November 2012

This Morning at Thames Chase

Woke up bright and early to receive a mouthful from the missus for constantly annoying her before i got up,her fault,shouldn't sleep all bloody day,its not like she came in at 2am or anything,she was home by 20.30 and went to bed before me,tough..
I made my way to Thames Chase as it was a little bit brighter this morning,although by 11 when i left the rain had set in.
Wasn't the most memorable couple of hours but an improvement on yesterday,Saw 3 Bullfinch,Sparrowhawk,sorry about the crap photo,a Kestrel,well 2 in fact,around 8 Siskin and a Redpoll as well as a Fieldfare,few Redwings,finches and 3 Goldcrest.Long tailed tits were around the Car Parks and feeders with their cousins the Blues and Greats.
Off to Football in a minute,AFC Hornchurch are at home to Eastleigh,who were pre season favourites and big spenders although they have been battered by a few teams including rivals Billericay who seemingly took care of them 4-0 i think.Shame Smith,Tuohy and a few others are out,going to be hard.
In todays other big game at 12.45 my Arsenal are at home to the vermin from the lane,i may not go Arsenal much anymore but my hatred for that team down the road will never leave me,i despise them and their fans,even though the missus supports them apparantly.Today she is the devil......

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