Serin,Isla's middle name...

Serin,Isla's middle name...

Friday, 30 November 2012

Berries Everywhere

Went over Thames Chase today,spent the whole day there from dawn to dusk,well not quite dawn as i stopped on the way,close by to look at Two Buzzards in the field,feeding with a carrion crow,something which i suppose could of been rabbit,it was pink anyway,the day ended with another big bird of prey feeding on Rabbit but more of this later.
Thames Chase has berries,thousands of them,England has Waxwings coming in,Thousands of them,end result is that Thames Chase to my annoyance has no Waxwings,but it does have hundreds of Redwings,Fieldfare,Blackbirds and the odd Song Thrush and i managed quite a few decent shots of Redwing today,including one particular bird which didn't mind me getting too close which is strange as they usually dissapear when they catch you in site.
On the Scrape there was the resident Green Sandpiper,i also saw it this afternoon over the other side of the M25 near the Golf Course,i got a half decent shot this morning but it could be so much better if i could actually see the water from the top as its still overgrown,hopefully this weather will kill the weeds off further so we can view the scrape properly.I also had 4 Mallards and a Grey Wagtail on the scrape and 40 flyover Golden Plover.
Didn't see a Kestrel all day which is quite odd for the site as theres usually a couple knocking about.After lunch i made my first visit this winter,inside the woods and around the Alder Trees and found around 20 of each Redpolls and Siskin as well as a Male Bullfinch beforehand near the entry road when i was talking to John,who has kindly donated a very very big bag of Bird seed for our feeders,thanks John,i know you read this,cracking gesture.Talking of the feeders,i did check them this morning,nothing too unusual,a few tits,finches etc so will keep checking.
Back over the woods i had a cracking Female Bullfinch,not sure how good the shots are but it kept going behind twigs making it hard to photo.I had a wander up Pike lane and while doing so,a boy racer in a Vauxhall Corsa,sped by and shouted Wanker at me,800 yards and about 10 minutes later i approached his car,which had smoke bellowing out from the Bonnet and as i walked past,shouted "who's the wanker now",poor little mite looked all embarassed,wanker.
My day finished with a Goshawk,sadly it wasn't a wild bird but a cracking bird all the same,flying around with his master,got a picture of it,not the best,was probably too close and the light was fading,he had blood all over him,think he had just eaten a rabbit,cracking day out.
Reasonably happy with most of the photos,some i am not but my lense keeps playing up,really starting to get on my tits,problems with focussing,think i need to find a few grand from somewhere and get a new Nikon,bosh.
Busy day at work tomorrow from around 7 in the morning,right through till about 5 the next morning,although i do have a few little spaces for sleep and possibly a couple of hours birding.

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