Serin,Isla's middle name...

Serin,Isla's middle name...

Saturday, 17 November 2012

We win again

Arsenal 5 Tottenham 2
Hornchurch 1 Eastleigh 0

Top weekend of footy action and Chelsea and tainted both
As for me,since the match I have been working,and in my travels I have assessed that women from essex have no class,or at least the ones who go to night spots or town centres seem to lack such a thing.
Now before all you essex ladies start jumping down my throat,here is my findings.

Tonight,I sat on the Kings Road,Chelsea and observed people.Most of the women I saw were well turned out,not saying they were all stunners,just well turned out.

Later on,well now in fact I am sitting outside faces in ilford,watching scantily clad girls who walk around like they are the next best thing,thinking they look like a million dollars in tatty dresses,shockingly ugly heels and after a few drinks,they are a complete mess.Now I know not every Essex chick is like this,many choose to dress properly,without looking like bambi on heels,struggling to walk or even walking with their shoes in their hands while their bare feet are getting slime,spit and whatever else the dredges of society have put on the floor,in short,these types actually repulse me,far from being the good looking ladies they think they are,they are actually a disgrace to the Counties good name and the name of the many Essex ladies that can look presentable without wearing the cheap tacky trash that many seem to wear.Rant over.

Oh look their goes another one,skirt so short I can see what she had for breakfast,a disgrace and every  parent should be in disgust at their daughter going out like this.......

Oh,I forgot to mention the awful make up the majority wear,it's hideous,you look like dame Edna on smack,the hair extensions,nails,fake tan,its absolutely hideous,the sad thing is,I bet half of them if they actually tried a bit harder would actually look better naturally,something you shouldn't have to try header to do.Awful,absolutely awful.

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