Serin,Isla's middle name...

Serin,Isla's middle name...

Friday, 9 November 2012

Lets Play Darts

The last 24 hours or so have mainly included Darts,Drinking and Sleeping.
Yesterday started off with a early morning trip to Heathrow,don't really like Heathrow but its made better for half of the journey by seeing Red Kites and Buzzards either in the Air or perched on Power lines,posts etc.
When i got back i had a quick walk across the road where i managed to finally shoot a half decent shot of a Jay,with my small Nikon lense i haven't used for a while.Not the best picture in the world but i finally got a Jay shot,annoyingly if i had taken my other lense out i would of got a better shot lol

Other birds seen was a couple of Green Woodpeckers,there were quite a few Jays around especially further up the woods.Lots of Goldcrest were flitting around although i couldn't get a decent shot,a couple of Teal were on the river at the bottom,not seen them this far up before.A Sparrowhawk put alot of the small birds up,decent size flocks of Goldfinch,Greenfinch,Chaffinch and the odd thrush were briefly seen,quite a few tits including 12 Long Tailed tits and a Pheasant was lurking in the bushes,not too bad for somewhere not 30 footsteps from my front door.
I spent the rest of the morning looking at fungi,not something i am familiar with but there seemed to be a decent selection,here are some photos of a few

In the Afternoon i had to go to the thames chase forest centre to organise dates for a Early morning bird walk at Broadfield Farm i am taking,Saturday December 15th £2pp,just to show the birds in the Woodland,hopefully it will be decent weather and the birds come out to play.
In the Evening we played Dagenham at Darts,we won with me winning my singles and doubles,bosh.We went for a curry after and i consumed far too much beer as i had no work today.
A busy day at work for me tomorrow,coupled with us Playing Bishops Stortford at Home in the FA Trophy at 3pm means i probably wont have too much time for birding tomorrow,although i may get a cheeky couple of hours early morning over the chase,Having a 4.45am to Gatwick though may see me getting back to bed until my next job at 9.45!!!

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