Serin,Isla's middle name...

Serin,Isla's middle name...

Friday, 23 November 2012

Photographing Owls is difficult enough

Photographing Owls is hard enough in poor light,without being photographed by a complete dick,but more of that later on.
I had yet another trip to EWT Thurrock Thameside today,it was a bit more eventful than yestrerday mind.I got there around 10am,after i had worked for a few hours earlier.It was yet another glorious day,bright sunshine but hardly any wind.On arriving at the site,the tide was just going out,there were a few waders reasonably close by but not really good enough for many photos,i had a Stonechat on the fence just by the hide plus some Linnets on the wire,on the Mud were a group of around 250 Black Tailed Godwits,50 Avocets,a few Redshank,about 20 Grey plover scattered about and a couple of Knot,a large group of 300 dunlin were racing about and a Kestrel was patrolling around the hide but a bit too quick for me to get a shot of.Quite a few people came in and out the hide including me old mate Jurgen and Gazzno from Birdforum,always nice to put a face to a computer name!!!
I left the hide around 2pm and had around 30 Long tailed tits near the hide,i then had a pair of Kestrels which looked like they were fighting but were probably trying a bit of foreplay!!!
I then went to look for the Short Eared Owl but without too much success i called it a day around 3.45pm.
I made my way back to the car but it wouldn't start,i had left my lights on,not sure how as the car is supposed to beep really loud but it didn't.
I went to the centre and asked if they had any jump leads,to my delight a young girl had some in the car so we went to try to start it,it took about 15 minutes to get the sodding battery cover off and when we did it was so confusing i decided to call the AA To avoid blowing the car up.In the meantime a Short Eared Owl appeared on the brow of the hill about 50 yards away and i frantically reeled off a few shots in reasonably poor light but confident they may come out ok,they were shocking,i had left the camera set up to shoot in bright light and the results are quite frankly shocking,although i havent looked at them yet,i will do when i finish writing this,maybe they wont be too bad,nah,they look shit.
After this bit of excitement,which wouldn't of happened had my car battery not run down,i turned the key one last time and the car started,then i apologised for wasting the young ladies time but she seemed ok,i promised to buy her a coffee and cake when i am next in,which work permitting is Sunday morning for high tide!!!

(just checked the Short Eared Owl photos and they are truly awful,idiot,idiot,idiot,posting them anyway!!!!

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