Serin,Isla's middle name...

Serin,Isla's middle name...

Monday, 26 November 2012

Dear Rain,bugger off

Today has been a bit of a damp squid weather wise,nether really understood why that term is used,yes it's wet but most squids are except when they are out of the sea and invariably dead,how odd.
Anyway,this and the closure of Thames Chase where I planned to spend a couple of hours between jobs meant that today was spent bird less,at least as far as going out birdwatching was concerned but as every good birdwatcher and plenty of bad ones know,there are always birds out there.
This morning I was woken up quite late by nipper,grinning constantly at me while punching me to grab my attention,bless.I left the house around 9am for an 11.30 pick up in London due to me be g good at my job,I always leave with plenty of time to avoid being late and arrived in London at around  10.30am.On the way up I spotted 23 Canada geese in the fields around Berwick ponds,7 greylag geese,1 kestrel and a linnet on launders lane and what looked like a little egret way off in the distance from the A13 over Rainham Marshes,over the Ship and shovel I saw a Grey Heron heading towards the Thames and after that it was pretty much just corvids and gulls anywhere near London.
I picked the couple up (the nice young man reads my blog apparently,hello!!!!)and arrived back just before 1pm,was going to Thames Chase for a little while but when I got there it was locked up as it was closed due to resurfacing works on the path,I could of parked on the lane and walked not site but I only really wanted to see what birds were getting on the feeders from the visitor centre.
The rest of the afternoon was spent playing with nipper and I am now currently sitting outside the Hammersmith Apollo waiting for customers.I have a 9.30 in the morning from Gatwick,picking up fellow birder Jonno and his wife from their trip to Tobago then weather permitting maybe a spot of birding somewhere from late morning,may go to lea valley in search of Bittern but it depends on the weather.Then tomorrow evening Afc Hornchurch are away to old rivals Canvey Island in the Essex Senior Cup,although with a 3pm pitch inspection already planned I don't hold out too much hope of this game going ahead.

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