Serin,Isla's middle name...

Serin,Isla's middle name...

Monday, 19 November 2012

Big Trouble in Little Upminster

Seems a couple of young ladies who read my post the other night about the Essex cough ladies cough,didn't take too kindly to my remarks,although i am sure they probably didn't read it properly,not sure why they got so wound up though,unless i touched a nerve,one of them even signed off by saying that she would get her boyfriend onto me,classy girl,jog on....
Anyway,back to today,this morning i mostly slept,well tried to,with breif visits from the nipper who takes great delight in trying to fart on my face,think it was intentionally and also jumping all over my head,so any chance i had of getting up and going birding at 9am was swept firmly out of the window.In the end i got up about 10.45am,ran a few errands and took Mr hills x 4 to Bocking near Braintree,arriving shortly before 12.45pm,on the way out of the wedding site,the same place Mr & Mrs Andrew Cadman got hitched a few years back i noticed a fishing lake with some feeders outside the main entrance,i pulled over onto a bit of grass,walked towards the feeders and watched from behind a bush.In the space of 15 minutes i had 2 Coal tits,1 Great Spotted Woodpecker,Great tits,Blue tits,2 siskin and 2 Bullfinch,with a further two further down the lane,i also had pheasant & Red Legged Partridge in the same Lane,I am going back tonight to pick them up,will go an hour or so early and look for any of the 4 species of Owl i have seen or heard in the last year in the Area,namely Little Owl,Tawny,Barn or Long Eared,any would be nice i suppose,love Owls.
I made my way back down to Romford where i had to take some School children to another school for a Badminton match just round the corner from Bedford Park,an Essex Wildlife Trust Site,its not a bad site,considering its in Greater London but doesn't seem to hold as many birds as it looks like it should,saying that,todays tally in the hour or so i was there wasn't too bad,but usually it comes across as a bit hit or miss,although its not the largest area of woodland around.
My tally for today was
8 Long Tailed Tits
3 Nuthatch
2 Treecreeper
2 Great Spotted woodpecker
1 Buzzard high over
2 Kestrels
1 Siskin
1 Coal tit
2 Jay & a song thrush

In truth i didn't really get more than 5-600 yards from the visitor centre so a good few hours more would of hopefully brought more of a list although the commoner species like Blackbird,Greenfinches,starlings,corvids,tits etc were all about,including a lovely little Wren who approached me while i was watching the resident Roe deer that are penned in on the site,including a lovely impressive Stag.
Tomorrow i am back birding armed with my camera as we are off to North Kent with Howard Vaughan and his boozy birders,we will probably end up on Sheppey and hopefully "do lunch on the Harty, Ferry House inn,although i will not be drinking as i am doing the driving.Hopefully should get lots of pictures of Raptors and a few waders etc at Riverside Country Park,medway first,really looking forward to it,hope the weathers not too shit.....

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